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Durafresh Mouth Rinse 8.45 fl. oz


Durafresh Mouth Rinse 8.45 fl. oz


Product Description

How to Use it: After flossing and tooth brushing, rinse your mouth with about 2 tsp (10 ml) of Durafresh Oral Rinse for 60 seconds to freshen your breath for hours.

Ingredients: Deionized Water, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2), Natural Peppermint.


Unlike most breath mints, spray, chewing gums, and mouthwashes in the market which merely conceal mouth odors with flavor sweeteners and alcohol. Durafresh Oral Rinse freshens breath by breaking the valence bonds of volatile sulfur compounds (VSC) thereby eliminating the cause of halitosis instead of masking it. Because of the unique properties of its active ingredient, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide, Durafresh Oral not only prevents cavities in the teeth but also removes the plaque that is the primary cause of periodontal disease (gum problems) by killing the bacteria, fungus, germs and other microbial agents found in the mouth.


Durafresh Oral Rinse does not contain alcohol, fluoride and saccharine which may cause oral cancer. It does not contain any coloring agents so it won’t stain teeth. Durafresh Oral Rinse works by oxidation (oxygenation), essentially killing all the bad bacteria that thrive in the mouth. These bacteria are responsible for plaque buildup, gum disease, and of course, perennial bad breath. By killing these bad bacteria, while sparing the good ones, Durafresh Oral Rinse with Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide proves to be more effective than other similar products on the market.

Durafresh users who have used this product in their daily regimen attest that it is the best-tasting oral rinse compared to all the mouthwashes available in the market today. Even children love the taste that can be described as water with a subtle hint of mint.


The Fresh Breath of Good Health

By far the greatest advancement in halitosis management has been the formulation of mouth rinses and toothpastes that are effective against sulphur compounds.

Using the powerful Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) technology, Durafresh Commercial oral healthcare system eliminates the primary cause of periodontal disease (gum problems) by killing the bacteria, fungus, germs and other microbial agents found in the mouth. ClO2 produces oxygen which chemically destroys glycoproteins and complex carbohydrates—breaking the molecular bonds that give volatile sulphur compounds their odor.

Durafresh ClO2 restores the oxygen in saliva. If oxygen is present, the anaerobic (non-oxygen users) bacteria cannot survive—reducing their growth potential, helping prevent the formation of periodontal pockets and bone loss. Employing the natural power of oxygen, Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide destroys only the bad bacteria. Whereas, alcohol-based and prescription mouthwashes destroy all the bacteria—both good and bad.

With Durafresh Commercial, you will have the power of long-lasting, fresh feeling.


What is Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide?

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide (ClO2) is an oxidizing agent which is the principal chemical basis of Durafresh Commerical oral health care products. It is one of the most promising agents capable of maintaining optimum dental health without having carcinogenic side agents.

Stabilized Chlorine Dioxide is a highly effective germicide, viricide and fungicide which also introduces bacterial motility by releasing free radical O2 which reacts with the Sulfur/Nitrogen and Carbon bonds and by producing HOCl (Hypochlorous Acid), an effective germicidal agent.

ClO2 has been used in water purification for over fifty years and has been certified safe by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). ClO2 in mouth rinses, toothpastes, and gels are totally safe for use in the mouth and solves many of the problems inherent in competitive mouth rinses, toothpastes and gels.

Extensive laboratory animal studies and human double blind clinical trials reveal that ClO2 does not even cause skin or eye irritation nor is a carcinogen even in retrospective studies in third world countries using chlorine as a method of water purification.

Benefits of Durafresh

Maximum Effectiveness

The active ingredient ClO2 is antibacterial, germicidal, fungicidal and viricidal.

Prevents and heals gum disease by penetrating deeply into the gum


Eliminates bad breath or halitosis by breaking the molecular bonds of

odor-causing sulphur compounds.

Non-mutagenic and does not cause the mutation of bacteria which

allows them to become resistant to antibacterial agents.


The active ingredient ClO2 employs the natural power of oxygen.

Non-toxic unlike widely available commercial products.

Does not contain alcohol which, according to recent studies,

increases the incidence or oral cancer by up to 150%.


Long-Lasting with Pleasant Taste

Effective for a minimum of 8 hours after use.

Tastes better than oral hygiene products containing ClO2. Kids

even like the taste.

And there is more…

• Oxidizes single-cell organisms: bacteria, germs, viruses, fungi, spores, yeast, mold, and mildew.
• Eliminates all odors. ClO2 doesn't merely cover odors; it oxidizes the bonds in sulfur compounds that cause halitosis, destroying the cause of bad breath and odors at the molecular level.
• Safe for children. Used as recommended, it is non-toxic to human and animal tissue.
• Non-Carcinogenic, does not cause cancer.
• Non-Mutagenic; organisms can't mutate to destruction.
• Non-Allergenic; no allergic reactions recorded.
• Biodegradable.
• US EPA registered and recommended. (#9804)

Stanford scientists have discovered 37 new and unique organisms in one of the most diverse ecosystem on Earth, the human mouth. Their exploration boosts the total number of oral bacterial types to more than 500.
San Jose Mercury News, December 7, 1999

Bad breath comes from the bacteria in the mouth. Breath mints and mouthwashes are simply cover ups. Mouth rinses need to truly deodorize the mouth as opposed to masking odors. Most mouth rinses which contain alcohol simply mask odor.
Dr. Richard Price DMD, Consumer Adviser, American Dental Association

The National cancer Institute concludes that mouthwashes with more than 25% alcohol could boost the risk of mouth cancer by 50%. Check out your mouthwash label right now.
 San Francisco Chronicle, USNews and World Report, July 11, 1991

Bad breath typically originates in the mouth, often from the back of the tongue. In most cases, good professional oral care combined with a daily regimen and interdental cleaning, deep tongue cleaning and use of an effective ClO2 mouth rinse will lead to improvement. Among the thousand subjects whom we have tested over the past years, there has not been a single instance in which the gastrointestinal tract appeared to be directly involved in oral malodor. Many of our subjects had undergone gastroscopies before coming to us.
Dr. Mel Rosenberg, School of DentalMedicine, University

Most bad breath is produced by a type of bacteria in the back of the mouth, particularly on the back of the tongue. These bacteria thrive on lack of oxygen and are usually washed away by saliva, but when they are not, they can actually form a kind of “tongue plague” producing foul-smelling gases called volatile sulfur compounds—what we call bad breath or halitosis. ClO2 safely breaks and effectively beats bad breath by breaking down volatile sulfur compounds, eliminating their ability to produce odors. “Consumer Reports” study of mouthwashes which reported that although products like Listerine did reduce plaque, all of the products lost their breath freshening effect anywhere from 10 minutes, to an hour after use.
Dr. Timothy Johnson, ABC News, Medical Editor 20/20 News Magazine

In late 2001, following the September 11 disaster, the offices of Senator Tom Daschle was infected by Anthrax spores. The offices were closed, and clean-up crews specializing in destroying bacteria moved in, using “liquid chlorine dioxide to clean the nine areas of Daschle's office where fumigation did not kill the anthrax. Antibacterial foam and chlorine dioxide gel were used to clean those offices.”, "Fumigation largely succeeding in clearing anthrax", December 14, 2001

Bad breath comes from the bacteria in the mouth (volatile sulfur compound). Breath mints and mouthwashes are simply cover ups. Mouth rinses need to truly deodorize the mouth as opposed to masking odors. Most mouth rinses, which contain alcohol, simply mask odor.
Dr. Richard Price, DMD, Consumer Advisor, American Dental Association

Halitosis or bad breath affect 25-85 million Americans. Over the counter cures (mints, chewing gums, sprays and mouth rinse) for those seeking temporary solutions for their breath problems have created a $1 billion industry. Mouth rinses blending flavoring agents, alcohol and essential oils give the desired clean taste but only temporarily, never longer than a few hours.
JADA, Dr. Lawrence H. Meskin
CNN, “Eliminating Bad Breath Doesn’t Have To Be Difficult”

The American public suffers from or perhaps is inflicted with, chronic bad breath, that one of the main causes of this problem is too much sulfur in the mouth. The cure, tongue scraper and special solution to the regular routine of brushing and flossing. The new gargle ClO2 neutralizes the sulfur. The report also noted that the mouth rinses with alcohol could actually worsen bad breath because they dry the mouth out, preventing the saliva from washing away the sulfur compound.
Greg Lefevre, SF Bureau Chief, CNN

The above information is from the Durafresh Brochure and Durafresh.

Why I love it!

I really hope I have given you enough information. This is truly an incredible mouth rinse/wash that I have ever used. My dentist told me that I have the cleanest mouth; coming from a dentist I take that as a huge compliment and give my credit to Durafresh. My mom called me and told me after a month of using Durafresh and had an incredible check-up that even shocked her dentist. If you accidentally cut your gum or bite your cheek, Durafresh is super soothing.” It is a wonderful plaque fighter. A 16 fl. Oz bottle will give me about 48 rinses. That is using about 2 tsp. per rinse. It is great for the "morning breath" as well.

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