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Gut Mate Probiotics 60 Count - EXPIRED


Gut Mate Probiotics 60 Count - EXPIRED


Product Description


60 Day Supply (60 Count)
Superior Delivery, Superior Performance  

Patented BIO-tract Technology Probiotics are live microorganisms. When you take them in adequate amounts they can have big benefits.But to be beneficial, probiotics have to survive the stomach acid and reach your intestinal tract alive. Without protection most don’t survive the acidic environment of your stomach. BIO-tract is a unique probiotic delivery system patented in over 31 countries. BIO-tract® protects probiotics from stomach acid on their journey to and through your intestinal tract. It provides optimal release of live organisms throughout the digestive tract, in both small and large intestine. 

Benefits of BIO-tract technology

  • Protection from stomach acid 
  • Controlled intestinal release 
  • Enhanced dose consistency 
  • Extended shelf-life stability 

Probiotics released all at once may intensify digestive discomfort and produce symptoms such as bloating, gas, and occasional diarrhea. To prevent these symptoms, BIO-tract controlled release allows probiotics to be released slowly and evenly along the entire intestinal tract over an 8-10 hour period.

“Probiotics released all at once may cause bloating & gas. BIO-tract releases probiotics slowly over 8-10 hours.”

How it works?

When a BIO-tract micro pearl reaches your stomach a protective gel barrier is activated. This barrier fends off stomach acid as probiotics travel to the small intestine. When they arrive in the small intestine, sustained release ensures probiotics exit the gel barrier slowly as they find their destination one spot at a time along the small and large intestine. When probiotics arrive safely they get to work by crowding out the bad bacteria and delivering powerful health benefits you need. Probiotics protect your health and BIO-tract protects probiotics.

“Probiotics protect your health & BIO-tract protects probiotics.”

 We’ve Got You Covered! Your whole gut, not just half!

Controlled Release  

BIO-tract® technology is the first system capable of delivering probiotics in a true controlled release method. The release of probiotics is controlled by a combination of erosion of the micro pearl excipients and diffusion of the bacteria from the micro pearl matrix. As the surface of the micro pearl hydrates with the fluid present in GI Tract, the polymeric matrix swells and forms a barrier to further fluid permeation. As the swollen region of the micro pearl erodes over time, and fluid penetrates progressively toward the core of the micro pearl, the bacteria within the hydrated region of matrix are reconstituted and released into the intestine. This allows for continuous release of probiotics slowly and evenly along the entire intestinal tract over an 8-10 hour period. 

“BIO-tract releases probiotics slowly & evenly along the entire intestinal tract!”

BIO-tract vs Standard Capsules

The distinct regions of a biotract micro pearl provide protection against dramatic osmotic stress experienced by probiotics during the process of reconstitution. As a Bio-Tract micro pearl moves down the GI tract, the fully hydrated region near the surface of the micro pearl contains reconstituted bacteria, the semi-hydrated interior contains both reconstituted and dormant bacteria, and finally the un-hydrated core of the micro pearl contains wholly unreconstituted, lyophilized bacteria. This contrasts with the dramatic change in osmotic pressure experienced by probiotics explosively released from immediate and delayed release capsules. The physiological effects of such a sharp change in osmotic pressure may lower their viability during reconstitution.

“Distinct regions of a BIO-tract micro pearl protects probiotics from dramatic osmotic pressure changes!”

Why I Love It
We have searched a long time for a daily probiotic supplement, as not all supplements are created equal. Why did we choose this? First, it's room temperature stable. Easy for us to store, easy for our customers. Second, it has a true, patented time release and is not destroyed by stomach acid. It takes 8-10 hours to release. This means, it isn't dropping off all the probiotics all at once in a small area leaving the probiotics to compete for space in the gut. They get spread out. Third, no gas. Yep, that lovely probiotic side effect isn't a problem with this one. Forth, easy to swallow (we know this can be a problem). The makers Gut Mate also make Dura Detox, which we have been long time fans of, so we knew their probiotic would not disappoint in quality and effectiveness, and we were right!

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