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Terramin Powder 2 lbs Calcium Montmorillonite Clay by California Earth Minerals


Terramin Powder 2 lbs Calcium Montmorillonite Clay by California Earth Minerals


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Product Description

Made from 100% pure, clean ion-min calcium montmorillonite
A California Living Clay for improving your overall health.
Used by NASA Astronauts to reverse the effects of osteoporosis, caused by zero gravity.
Use daily as the "Ultimate Health Maintenance."

Terramin Benefits:
Rich in Iron and Chromium**
Source of Calcium**
Aids Digestion and Metabolism**
Longevity and Weight Control**
Increases Energy and Stamina**
Supports Cellular Energy**

Today our lives are loaded with toxic chemicals, and the effects are alarming. The loss of nutrition in the foods we eat, toxins in the water we drink and pollutants in the air we breathe. Most of our agricultural farmlands are already depleted of their natural minerals. Today, in order to stay competitive, farmers routinely add artificial chemicals to their soils in order to force their crops to grow.
How does that affect us?
Without certain trace minerals, the body is nutritionally bankrupt.
The Good News is TERRAMIN Can Help.
Terramin is a powerful detoxifying agent for the many harmful chemicals, toxins, bacterium and pathogens that may inhabit the environment and our bodies. TERRAMIN is derived from a special, edible clay rich in macro, micro, and trace mineral nutrients essential for proper health maintenance. There are close to sixty minerals in TERRAMIN composed of negatively charged ions. When these negative ions are assimilated by the body, they draw out the positively charged toxins found throughout the body, especially in the digestive system. This detoxification process, known as "opposite polarity attraction" will help your body heal itself, and achieve complete wellness.
Mix 1 gram per 50 lbs of body weight (example, 150 lbs person would take 3 grams) in 6-8 ounces of water or juice and drink daily. For best results, take either one hour before or one hour after any food, other supplements or medications. If you are just starting out, start with quarter dose and build up over a month period.
Why I Love It
Where do I start? Well, first of all I am going to put my testimony below for your reading. I sent this to California Earth Minerals who are the ones who brought Terramin into my world and hopefully you will try it and benefit also.

"April 23, 2007
My Testimony....or "Why I Love My Terramin Clay"
It all started with a television program. I am not an avid watcher of the little box, but my husband sure is, and he likes to watch a lot of documentaries. Well, that is where I saw "Terramin" for the first time, on the Discovery Channel. I was in the kitchen and heard something on the television that really interested me. You mean to tell me that NASA gives their astronauts "clay" to eat! Wow, I was thinking, if NASA uses it for the well-being of their astronauts, I want it too. So, I ran to the television, sat down and watched the incredible story of what this clay is, why NASA used it and who makes it. I got my first 2 lbs. jar of this clay and started taking it. This was just a week or two before Christmas of 2005. Why did I buy it? I am at the computer a lot doing accounting for our small business, good old carpal tunnel syndrome was settling in, and back problems were also joining in, all contributing to lousy, aching night of trying to sleep. I was looking for a solution. I have tried a lot of homeopathic ideas, vitamins, minerals, herbs, what was one more! I refuse to take prescription drugs, end of story. I was faithful, taking a good teaspoon in the morning on an empty stomach with a full glass of water. Well, one week went by, no difference, two weeks went by, hey maybe something is going on, but not really sure. Well, the third week, wow, my hands do not tingle as much as they did, and when I drove, they did not fall asleep. It is working! One more week, and that was the one for me! We are all different, and maybe others experience a change sooner or even later, but me a good month and I was sleeping, no tingling, hands did not fall asleep at night! YES! I will say, at times my hands would feel like they were getting ready to tingle, but did not. I love you Terramin. But wait, maybe just maybe, it was not the Terramin, and it was another supplement. Ok, I just recently did a horrible experiment on myself that has really caused me a lot of pain, but it did prove a point. I have been taking Terramin over a year now, what if I quit completely. Well, I did do that for four weeks starting in March and ending yesterday, April 22. I still took all of my supplements, but cut out the Terramin completely. Ouch! Guess what, here comes the tingling in my hands, I have had a horrible time sleeping, trying to find that right spot so my hands do not go to sleep. Driving started to hurt again. It has been awful, and today, I started back on my Terramin and really knowing this time that this clay in my water works. Did I get my old painful symptoms back right away during my trial period of no Terramin? Actually, not the first week, or the second, but by the third week, ugh, I have had a very hard time. Yes, I was a guinea pig, but not for Science, but for myself and to tell others that it really does work for me.
-Starla L. Allen, Owner, Good-Earth Store
**These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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