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Terrapak Powder Pain Relief & Topical Detoxifier & Bath 4 lbs by California Earth Minerals


Terrapak Powder Pain Relief & Topical Detoxifier & Bath 4 lbs by California Earth Minerals


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Product Description

Natural Pain Reliever and Topical Deotxifier & Bath
Diminish Pain in Skin & Joints*
Contains IonMin Natural Premium Ionic Minerals
Made in the USA
No Chemicals, No Additives, Nothing Artificial, No Allergens

Terrapak helps heal the skin and remove the pain associated with skin conditions and generalized body ailments.  Use it as a mud pack, body wrap or poultice to draw out pain and help remove toxins.  Terrapak is a natural analgesic.*

Terrapak provides fast, temporary Relief from:

·        Eczema symptoms*
·        Stings, bites and itches*
·        Myofascial pain points*
·        Arthritis pain*
·        Fibromyalgia discomfort*
·        Minor sprains and breaks*

Directions As TerraPak:

1. Mix: Place powder in a glass or ceramic bowl: add luke-warm distilled water to form a paste
2. Delivery: Apply 1/4 inch thick paste on lightly woven natural fabric or cheesecloth and place directly on affected area of the skin; place kitchen poly wrap over the cloth and use medical tape to seal the pack in place
3. Allow to dry.  Keep in place for 1-2 hours as needed.  May be applied directly to the skin for rashes and bites.

Contains Ion-Min, an exclusive trademarked form of active, ultra-fine Calcium Montmorillonite (Calcium Bentonite)

To use for a bath (TerraBathe):

Average Bath:
1/2 to 2 cups of TerraPak in an average full tub of water. After a tough day, a soak in the tub with TerraPak is an excellent therapeutic recipe for deep healing, i.e. removing toxins and cleansing and purifying the body. Relaxes tense muscles, opens pores, soothes the body and often leaves the skin smooth. First, fill a glass of drinking water (preferably filtered) and have it next to the tub. Bonus if you add Terramin to your water.

As your bathtub is filling with very warm/hot water, slowly mix in the clay (very warm/hot water opens the pores of the skin and stimulates the lymph system). Stir the clay as the tub is filling, to keep the clay particles from sticking together. When you are finished with your bath, drink the glass of water to replenish and then shower off.

How much clay to use is an individual choice depending on your health.

Since this clay has a excellent ionic charge for pulling out toxins etc. 1 to 2 cups is the amount commonly used per bath.....soaking for 20 minutes or so. Those with chronic conditions i.e. high blood pressure, heart condition, it is a good idea to check with your doctor first and with approval, try ½ to 1 cup and soaking in the tub for just 10 minutes. If you cannot get into a tub you can do a foot bath. (see below) (Eating Terramin would be most beneficial.)

Some people find the TerraBathe goes down the drain smoothly. Others concerned about TerraBathe clogging their drain, wait a few hours for the clay to settle to the bottom of the tub. Then they bucket the water out and use paper towels to scoop out the remaining clay. 
Remember to drink the glass of water, and give the body a rest.

For the foot bath - add 1/4th a cup of TerraBathe to a small tub of water and put your feet in for 10 minutes or longer. You may feel tingling as the blood is pulled to the surface of the skin and the toxins are removed.

Drink a glass of good quality water after a bath and rest and relax for awhile.

For just about any skin ailment, clay will stop the growth of bacteria, prevent decay, and arrest the development of microorganisms.

*These statements have not been evaluated by the FDS.  This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. A skin care product: Not for ingestion

Why I Love It
Imagine taking a bath in clay!  Sounds dirty!  The benefits are incredible and your skin will thank you to.  With a pH 8.3 you are getting one of the best clay baths without going to an expensive spa which will charge you more than what this whole box costs.  I am sure you will benefit, after all removing toxins is what Montmorillonite Clay is all about.  One more thing, I have never had any problems with Terrabathe clogging my drains and we take many mud baths. But if you are concerned or maybe have older plumbing, just rinse the tub or scoop it out after the water has drained. 


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